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Meet the Team

Maria Haycraft

Founder and Director of ArtLink, Maria is also the Artsville Founder and Creative Director.

Morgan Theis

Artsville Fest Director

Stephanie Belanger

Artsville Fest Liason

Gayla Parks

Artsville Fest Vendor Coordinator

Alexis Revis

Artsville Fest Content Creator

Melanie McGonagle

Artsville Fest Website Designer

Kristiana Boswell

Artsville Fest Logistics Director

Corrine bates

Artsville Fest Kid Zone Coordinator

Emma O'Brien

Artsville Fest Community Project Coordinator

Nikki Kerns

Artsville Fest Administrator

Brittney Reynolds

Artsville Fest Gala Coordinator

Nikki Mcdonald

Volunteer Coordinator

Lyndsey Black

Social Media Director