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Our 2023 Artist Line Up

Railey Warren

Railey Warren, aka Artsy Rew, is an artist on a mission to spread art to unexpected places. She specializes in large-scale chalk murals and acrylic paintings. Her creations are forged in the fires of her imagination. Dream. Create. Inspire.

Allison Severson

Mn based artist, Allison Severson, has been honing her chalk and mural skills over the past five years. Originally an illustrator and house painter, Allison has blended her drawing and painting skills with her new mode of large-scale expression on walls, ceilings and asphalt. She enjoys all aspects of the creative process, but relishes in the surprise and novelty of a large mural or colorful chalk drawing.

Jessi Queen

Jessi Queen is an award winning artist and website designer based in Atlanta, GA. For over ten years she has been drawing at festivals all around the US and Europe. She is passionate about chalk art and enjoys bringing the sidewalks to life with fantasy and nature themed portraits. With her partner Zach Herndon, she leads The GA Chalk Artists Guild in hopes to share the chalk art medium with her community. Her creative reach includes large clients as well as small events in and around Atlanta. When she is not chalking, you can find her spending time with her family and dachshund. 

Shannon Brooke

Shannon Brooke is a local artist to Murfreesboro/Nashville TN. She recently started to travel for chalk – 2022 and is very excited about what her future in chalk holds. Shannon is a full time Executive Assistant by day and “cake lady” by night. She says she has a full house and a full heart, 7 cats, 7 dogs and two wonderful little boys – who are her world. She hopes her chalk art brings you joy!

Shawn McCann

As an artist, Shawn McCann is one who loves to explore the relationship of art, space, andinteraction. Having graduated the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA, Shawnhas grown into a multi-media, multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores color, texture, form,and content. This approach has led to the many areas in which Shawn’s work has encompassedincluding; street painting, murals, fine art, children’s books, installation art, temporary andpermanent art and commercial illustration.

Zachary Herndon

Zachary Herndon is an award winning chalk artist. He has a passion for making new friends and founded the GA Chalk Artists Guild with his wife Jessi Queen in 2014 to help promote street painting in GA. He is known for his pop art style and engagement with his 3D murals. His energy is contagious and he brings a smile wherever he goes. Zach has been featured in chalk art festivals from coast to coast and a few in Europe. He lives in Atlanta with Jessi, their two wild children and a spunky dachshund.